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Architecture and design competitions

IAC  is a platform to organize competitions, we seek to generate solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow. Working with us is to access a community of young architects, artist and designers with new ideas. 


Organizing a contest with us is a way to raise awareness or publicity about your cause or project, with our contests or winning designs
featured in prestigious magazines or websites around the world.

Our main responsibilities

The procedure

The order of events


The rules of procedure

Presentation requirements

The results summary


The competitor's website

Logistics and handling


The competition project evaluation process



With the client

With the jury

With the participants

With the media

The jury and consultants


Who can launch a competition?

Architecture and design competitions are accessible to everyone, Whether you have experience or not, what you need is an idea, cause or concept, we will do the rest and guide you in all instances.


Contests are a great way to find ideas and solutions original, created by those who have less prejudice and professional deformations, and who can think “out of the box”.

Image by Diana Parkhouse


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Great rewards for little

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Every year we select challenges that we find the most appropriate to our community and launch them as architecture competitions in hopes of finding a working, scalable solution. In this case, all costs are covered our, even the prize fund.